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God is our refuge, a very present help in trouble. Psa 46:1


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The False Prophet

The False Prophet-Pastor Duke Downs, Living Waters Church, Chino, CA

This message was preached Oct 26, 2008, at Living Waters Church, in Chino, CA by Pastor Duke Downs. It's not your typical end times message. The only place this man could have gotten this message is on his knees. It's a must hear for all God's people.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Very Present Help

Psa 46:1 To the chief Musician for the sons of Korah, A Song upon Alamoth. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

God is a place of shelter for His people. He is a place they can hope and trust in. He is our power to live the Christian life, our security in a dark and evil world, our boldness-for we can't be bold or trust in ourselves. But we can be bold and trust in the Lord. He is all the strength His people need. He is all the power His people need. He is a vehement and diligent and deliverance to His people when they are in a tight spot, when they are in trouble, when they have adversity, affliction, tribulation, distress, anguish, when their adversary is present and working to destroy them. God says He is an ever present-always there Help because He knows evil is always present to try to destroy us. The Word of God promises the angel of the Lord is always present, encamping around about those who fear the Lord to deliver them. Each of God's children have an angelic bodyguard. (Psa_34:7) Remember, though, this promise is conditional. It is for those who fear Him with a reverent awe that will cause them to take His Word to heart, strive to live by it, and not take His presence or His Word lightly. It's by the fear of the Lord men depart from evil. It's those who fear the Lord who seek Him and seek His ways, not their own. The Lord does not send His angels to guard the one who takes His Name in their mouth but their heart is far from Him. The pretenders, the casual, the indifferent, they cannot claim these promises. All God has to say to them is return from your backsliding so I can save you. Return to Me so I do not have to judge you-I am ready to pardon and forgive.

Because we know He is our God, and He has promised to be there for us, we do not have to be afraid. To lose our fear of death, of evil, of failure, we must know God like a husband knows his wife. There must be a personal, ever deepening intimate fellowship with God on a very personal, very inward level. When we truly get a vision of who the Lord is, and begin to understand as much as our feeble minds can comprehend, His great vastness, then though sudden fear may strike our human flesh, our human minds, that Holy Ghost in us will keep us and we will not walk in fear, or be governed by fear. We will not react with fear but faith. This is the fruit of true intimacy and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Look again at what verse 1 is saying....

Psa 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

GOD, the Holy One, the High and lofty One who inhabits eternity, the One who commanded and it was done. He's the One who spoke this world into existence. It hangs in place on nothing but His Word. This God who is more powerful than our feeble minds can comprehend, is always present when we wake. He is there when we open our eyes, when we sleep, when we rise, when we are down, wherever we are, He is there. He knows where we are and what we are thinking and feeling at all times.

He looked down on a world He had made that had become empty, dark, and full of chaos.When everything was dark, and chaotic, He commanded light to shine in the darkness. He SPOKE and there was light. There was order. There was understanding. Whenever His people cried, He heard. He moved, He intervened. His Word brings peace to a troubled heart and when He speaks His Word creates, restores, brings life, renews and heals, and strengthens. This always works when it is the Holy Spirit ministering the Word of God. He says His Word will accomplish where HE sends it. That's why the name it and claim it word of faith crowd can name it all they want-they know but they don't possess. Knowing and possessing are truly two different things. They don't understand that it's the power of the Spirit that gives the Word life and causes it to minister strength and grace to the hearer. Somebody in the flesh, moving and motivated by self interest can quote the Scriptures all day long, but it's just a dead letter and will accomplish nothing. But let a man or woman walking in the Spirit, motivated by the Spirit of Almighty God get up and read the same Scriptures, and there is life. For it is not them that lives but Christ in them. This God parted a sea to let His people pass through safely while guarding their backs from their vengeful, pursuing enemies.

THIS is the GOD who is our refuge and strength. When you read just this first verse it is power packed when you stop and consider these words carefully. Remember carefully, reverently who this great God is. Meditate on His inconceivable power. Draw hope from this promise.

Psa 46:2 Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
Psa 46:3 Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Selah.

When we know who our God is for ourselves, and we aren't just depending on what the preacher tells us, or just reading the Bible without digging in and praying for understanding, we will understand we do not have to live in dread of the future, or fear what will happen. For one thing, those in communion with the Holy Spirit will not be caught off guard. They will be prepared. Though the earth be removed-that word translated, H4171, the Hebrew word 'mur' means to change, to alter or dispose of. Things truly are changing quickly, and not for the best as far as earth is concerned. They can call it global warming, but the Bible calls it birth pangs. The earth cries out from the blood and sin she endures. Remember there was a cry of the land when the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah were so great and that cry reached the ears of God in heaven. How much louder is the cry now? In Lev 18 the Lord warns the people when they enter the promised land He would give them, not to defile it as the previous inhabitants had or the land would spew them out. Literally vomit or disgorge them out. How does the land express itself? Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, are two ways that come to mind. It's all in God's control.

Though the mountains shake, slip and fall into the sea, though there are floods, and the waters roar-and this could also mean the crowds of people, too. Waters sometimes mean people-multitudes of people. Either way, when everything around us is shaking, and trouble and turmoil is everywhere, though mountains are quaking and shaking, God's people don't have to be shaking and quaking in fear of what is coming. Why?

Psa 46:4 There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.

There is a river and this one will branch out in streams that will brighten things up, it will flow rivers of living waters out of the spirits and minds of His people, and it will make them joyful, to rejoice because this river is the living waters of the Holy Ghost. He brings life and supernatural strength and stability to God's church. The Holy Spirit is whispering lift up your head, your redemption is drawing nigh! You will soon see your Beloved! He longs for you, the preparations for the wedding supper of the Lamb are ready. It won't be long. Look up not down. He knows everything around you is shaking. HE is in charge of the shaking. This is part of the preparation. Don't let it move you. Let not your heart be troubled. Shake off the despair, rebuke it in HIS name! Remain alive in Me, and remain faithful in your tribulation. Don't cast away your confidence now, you are too close to going home. This place you see changing and shaking is not your home! I will be called out of here soon and I will take you with Me. I will not leave you here. You are HIS. Oh, hallelujah! Glory to GOD! We are HIS. Oh, saints doesn't that stir a desire in your heart to completely reject what you are, and fully embrace the cross? To be fully HIS. He cherishes His own, He nourishes His own. He loves His own with a love we cannot duplicate and cannot possibly fathom. All we can do is yield ourselves a vessel for His love to flow into and out of to others. We can walk with Him, seek HIM first above all else...love Him more than anything, choose Him over everything-including ourselves.

I heard Pastor BH Clendennen make a statement once that bears repeating. He said if there is anything more important to you than making the rapture, you will not make it. If there is anything more important to you than being with Jesus, you won't be ready.

Psa 46:5 God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early.

Now, again, I ask you to consider this carefully. We are talking about a HOLY God here. He is not going to be in the midst of a bunch of sin and selfishness. He's not going to be in the midst of self absorbed people who live for their own pleasure, and tolerate what His Word has revealed clearly that He will not tolerate. He's going to be in the midst of HIS own. He is going to be in the midst of those who have made Him their priority, who seek HIM not His blessings. Psa_91:14 says because he set his love on ME, therefore will I deliver him. She dwells -she keeps coming in the secret place-in the secret closet of prayer, she meets Me, She loves Me, she has time for Me, I Am her desire, I will not fail her. In spite of her struggles, she keeps coming back and refuses to let the enemy shame her out of fellowship with Me. She trusts Me with her failures, and she trusts My promises to perfect her. Oh, no, she will not be moved from this place. She won't waver, she will not slip or fall. She will not be carried away by this flood for I AM her ever present help, in the midst of her, I live in her, I will keep what is Mine! I will surround her and protect and succour her! I turn toward her early-in the morning light as darkness of night fades, I Am watching her.

Let the heathen rage, let earthly kingdoms be shaken and fall. GOD is with us, He is our Refuge, our hiding place! When God speaks, things of the earth melt. They are dissolved. This speaks to me of the things of this world that are in us. The mindset, natural habits that must be overcome. Face it, we were born in self, we live, eat, sleep and breathe in self 24/7 and we must have supernatural, divine intervention to overcome SELF. Self always wants to go the opposite direction of God. But He says He speaks, and the earth melts. Whatever is earthly and sensual or carnal. Bring it to His Word. Let the Word which is powerful, alive, and sharper than any two edged sword at that thing.

One thing we need to do in these times. Be still and know that HE alone is God! He will be exalted in the earth. Stop striving, realize you are helpless, there is nothing you can do to stop the shaking. Just be still and quiet, and understand, experience, and consider that HE IS GOD and all that means. He is our high place. He is our God, and soon all will see how great is our GOD.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Christian Lady

I want to tell you about a Christian lady who loves God with all her heart-as much as she is able. Most of what she does is related to the Christian life, and learning to know and grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. She has no interest in the things of this world, she hates the philosophy of this world. She helps others, when she can, and she ministers to others, sometimes even from the pulpit. She has her struggles, her prayer life has slipped a little lately. Well, a lot. She fasts, she does pray, she meditates on the Word, and she digs deep in the Word, praying for understanding. She's hungry to know God herself. She shares what God has given her freely, without expectation of reward or financial compensation. She spends her own money to share the Gospel. She always tries to point others to Christ, to encourage, and edify those around her. She's deeply concerned about the honor and glory of God, and heartbroken at the condition of this nation she lives in, America. She grieves over the direction the Government is taking. She has been praying for the baptism of the Holy Ghost-which she desperately needs. She tries to teach her children right, but she makes mistakes, especially with her young daughter, whom she's allowed too much cartoon time, though she has heavily censored what she is allowed to watch. She has been too busy lately, helping someone in need, and had too many children around, so she's neglected her Bible and her Lord, shamefully, even though she goes to prayer meetings, and tries to go early before the services at church to pray. But at home, alone, is when it counts.

She got up this morning, took the children to school, and needed to stop by the store for one item, a small thing, before she went home. It was a windy morning, the skies were slate gray. It was raining lightly. The wind made the air chilly. She was driving down the road, listening to the song by Chris Tomlin "Give Us Clean Hands". The words of the song mirrored the desire in her heart to be pure before the Lord. As she turned on the road behind the store where she was heading, she saw a lady walking. Her heart was moved with compassion, and she stopped and rolled her window down. "Do you need a ride?" She asked, thinking she would offer this lady a ride to her destination, probably home. Oh, how we pre-suppose and get in trouble. This woman looked like she'd a run of bad luck, and her face revealed she'd lived a hard life. She looked so tired and discouraged.

"No, I'm out hunting a job, and trying to find some money to buy some cigarettes." the lady answered.

"Oh," she replied, knowing she couldn't buy this lady cigarettes. And she didn't really have time to take this lady job hunting, either. She had so much to do. And she really wanted to hurry home so she could grab at least a couple hours time to study her Bible and pray, God knew she needed to. That desire was burning in her heart. So, she rolled up her window and drove on to the store. She got out, went in, and quickly found her item, and went to the cash register. There stood the same lady.

She smiled, and spoke, "See, we were going to the same place."

The lady didn't return her smile-she was there, seeking employment, and the store had a sign up they were accepting applications, but she heard the manager tell the lady they were not hiring. The lady had a paper she needed the manager to sign, to prove she'd been looking for a job, and the manager of the store said "You will have to fill out another application before I can sign that."

So, the lady asked if she could come back tomorrow and do that? "Yes," said the store manager.

The lady went on, headed outside, and this woman in a hurry to go study her Bible stepped up to the cash register and paid for her purchase, and headed outside. The lady was standing there, looking for all the world like she didn't know what to do next, and looked ready to cry. It was spitting rain, the cold wind was blowing, and it was not a day good for walking.

She looked at the Christian lady and said she'd lost her job in November, and was having a hard time finding one. The Christian lady said "I know what you mean, I got laid off last summer, and haven't been able to find one either. If it weren't for my husband and the Lord we wouldn't be making it."

The Christian lady was suddenly assaulted in her mind by shame. She wanted to tell the lady about Jesus, she knew she needed to hear, and she could all too well understand the craving for a cigarette. She herself had smoked 17 years before she met the Lord and He delivered her from this bondage.

The lady looked at her and the purchase in her hand, and said "I really need to find somebody that will give me three dollars so I can get a pack of cigarettes. And I've got to go find a job." She spoke about going to meet someone who might give her some money, and some other places she needed to go, to look for work, and this Christian lady was feeling so torn, but all the lady was interested in was getting some money for cigarettes right now. The Christian lady looked at her, and wished her luck. She went to her car as this lady headed out, walking in the light rain, pulling the hood of her jacket up over head as she went.

The Christian lady was feeling miserable as she pulled out of the parking lot. When she got home it occurred to her, why didn't you tell her about Jesus regardless of how you felt? Why didn't you tell her about this Jesus who could deliver her from the bondage in her life, and give her new life? Why? Self got in the way. Self was suddenly afraid God wouldn't show up and minister to this poor needy woman because the Christian lady was not prayed up and read up. And then self would look stupid. She was overwhelmed while talking to the lady by a sense of shame. Shame for the way she'd been neglecting prayer, neglecting Bible Study, and the communion with the Holy Ghost. Who was she to tell somebody about a God she's been neglecting?

Okay, in all fairness what is her idea of neglect? Not showing up daily for time alone with the Lord and His Word. I mean, we feed our bodies every day, right? We make sure we get sleep every night, right? We make sure we shower and comb our hair or brush our hair, and teeth regularly, right? How much more important is time with HIM who created us and sustains us?

Oh, God help me, the Christian lady thought. This woman has a soul, she's lost and stumbling around in darkness, spiritually, bound by the chains of sin, and I was more worried about myself. God please forgive me for being afraid of looking foolish, for yielding to the shame and insecurity. Please forgive me for putting those negative things of self ahead of a lost soul. God please forgive me. Please send someone to help that lady. You wanted me to be Your hands and voice this morning and I failed you. Please forgive me. I am soooo sorry.

She walks in the door of her home, feeling overwhelmed with regret, remorse, and grief in her heart. Once again she has failed the Lord she loves and this time, someone else was effected. Someone lost, who needed light. She begins to pray for the woman, and asks God for mercy on the lady and help.

A slow anger begins to burn in her heart. She did not ever want this to happen again. This wasn't the first time she had been in this position. She had to take self to the cross and trust the Holy Spirit to do the crucifying. That is the only way. Souls are more important than self. Only He could help her stop being afraid of looking foolish. She had little struggle talking to other Christians, or encouraging those she knew but she was terribly tongue tied when it came to talking to strangers. She prayed for His strength to be made perfect in her multiple weakness. Please forgive me for failing you Lord, and for failing her. I owed her the Gospel and held it back for fear. Please change me and forgive me.